лазерна епилацияArmada Laser Center is provided with the newest Quanta System equipment, which is especially adjusted for laser hair removal .
The Armada Laser Center team consists of medical professionals, who will not only perform the treatments, but will also consult you on the number of treatments needed, the skin care routine, homeopathy and any other questions you might have.


Armada Laser Center is a modern laser hair removal center.

Laser hair removal can be performed on all body parts, except on the area around the eyes. Armada Laser Center is situated perfectly at the center of Plovdiv and offers its clients wide range of services in a convenient time. Areas which are suitable for laser hair removal are the chest, legs, arms and belly. For our full range of services and price list, please visit the price section.


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Commonly Asked Questions

If you are about to choose the most effective modern method for permanent hair removal – laser hair removal, but you have more questions in your head, than hair on it, spend a little bit of time to read the answers of the commonly asked question to the medical professionals, who work in our center.... Още

лазерна епилация

What is Laser Hair Removal?

What is laser hair removal and what are the benefits of it? The procedure of laser hair removal involves absorption of radiated light by the pigment in the hair follicles and its transformation into thermal energy, which leads to their death. Thus the light selectively affects hair structures without damaging the surrounding skin. Who can... Още

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Laser hair removal -price

Some laser hair removal centers do not answer questions about the price of their services online or by phone. The number of procedures can`t be predicted from the beginning, because the hair reacts differently to the treatment. In general 5-9 procedures are required for the unwanted hair to be fully removed, although very light hair... Още

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ISO 9008:2008

Armada Laser Center, a leader in the laser hair removal sphere, is certified with ISO 9008:2008 because of its willingness always to provide its clients with high quality services. Armada Laser Center: • constantly improves the qualification of its team • takes into consideration the individual needs of every client • uses the highest quality... Още

Лазер Център Пловдив

Laser Center Plovdiv

At Armada Laser Center we believe that laser hair removal, done by medical professionals, is more  effective, cheaper and safer, that the other hair removal methods such as hair removal creams, electrolysis or low-power hair removal lasers for home use. Our certified professionals and our high-quality equipment are just two of the many reasons why... Още

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Armada Laser Center

Laser hair removal at ARMADA Laser Center Everyone`s skin reacts differently when it comes to laser hair removal. Better results are achieved with clients, who have dark hair. Clients with light hair need more treatments. The laser has sapphire cooling system, which prevents the patient from feeling a discomfort during the treatment. You MUST NOT... Още

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Laser Hair Removal Plovdiv

Where are we? Armada Laser Center is situated near the main street in Plovdiv. In which cases laser hair removal is recommended? Laser hair removal is recommended in case of unwanted hair. The treatment can be performed during the whole year. During the summer sunscreen should be applied on the skin before and after the... Още