About us

Armada Laser Center is a modern laser hair removal center. Laser hair removal can be performed on all body parts, except on the area around the eyes. Armada Laser Center is situated perfectly at the center of Plovdiv and offers its clients wide range of services in a convenient time. Areas which are suitable for laser hair removal are the chest, legs, arms and belly. For our full range of services and price list, please visit the price section.

Armada Laser Center is provided with the newest Quanta System equipment, which is especially adjusted for laser hair removal. High quality guaranteed. The Quanta System equipment is equally effective for light and dark hair. The best effect is achieved when fair skin with dark hair is treated. Alexandrite laser with high selectivity wavelength is used. It has wide working area, thickness of the energy, lasting of the impulse and a plugin, which protects and calms the skin. For the best result to be achieved, 6 to 9 procedures are required, depending on the treated body part, skin type , the color and the thickness of the hair.

You can make an appointment at Armada Laser Center by phone, email or at our official Facebook page. You can always change the time of your procedure. Armada Laser Center works from Monday to Saturday. On Saturday it has reduced working time. After the first procedure there will be noticeable results and after every treatment you will get closer to the desired result. It is very important to follow the instructions of our specialists about the number of treatments and their frequency. The process must not be forced by too frequent treatments. We have the high quality equipment and the skilled professionals needed for a successful result.

The Armada Laser Center team consists of medical professionals, who will not only perform the treatments, but will also consult you on the number of treatments needed, the skin care routine, homeopathy and any other questions you might have. Every person from our team is qualified to work with the Quanta System equipment.

Come to Armada Laser Center. Here you will receive not only high quality services in a convenient time and place, but also kind and professional attitude from our team at best prices.


We are holding an International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008, as a proof for our professionalism and focus on the quality of our services.

Armada Laser Center was awarded a Golden European Award at the medical esthetic sphere by The World Business Assembly Organization.

You are welcome! The clients are our biggest treasure!