The Alexandrite lasers (755nm) for laser hair removal, which are offered at the European and the North American market, have notable features. The wavelength has the highest selectivity, large working area, enough delivered energy density, specific pulse length and skin protection, provided by a specialized cooling system (Cryo) – all those features make the alexandrite lasers the best  when it comes to laser hair removal.

Long Pulse Alexandrite 755nm for hair removal


  • Wavelength 755nm;
  • Harmless for the skin;
  • During the treatment comfort and lack of pain are provided.

Usage: Laser hair removal

How it works:

The hair melanin absorbs the laser radiation as a result of which heat is produced. Nearby cells, which are responsible for  the hair production and growth, are permanently harmed from capturing the heat.

The required heat, must be precisely dosed in order to harm only the stem and the papilla of the hair follicle and not the skin.

The final result depends on the:

  • skin type
  • hair color
  • hair thickness

For the best result 6-9 procedures are required.

  • After the first treatment the unwanted hair is reduced by 20-58 percent (Finkel, 1997)
  • After 3-5 treatments the unwanted hair is reduced by 60-85 percent