Лазер Център Пловдив

Laser Center Plovdiv

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At Armada Laser Center we believe that laser hair removal, done by medical professionals, is more  effective, cheaper and safer, that the other hair removal methods such as hair removal creams, electrolysis or low-power hair removal lasers for home use. Our certified professionals and our high-quality equipment are just two of the many reasons why we are so successful at laser hair removal.


Our equipment

Armada Laser Center uses Alexandrite laser, which is considered the best when it comes to laser hair removal, because of its effectiveness and safeness.

Who performs the laser hair removal procedures?

The laser hair removal procedures are performed by perfectly trained medical professionals. The Armada Laser Center team is trained and certified to work with Alexandrite Laser. Moreover our director is a medical doctor and is in charge of the quality of the services, provided by the laser center personnel.

What skin type and hair type can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on almost every skin type and hair type. When it comes to laser hair removal hair color is very important. The light, radiated by the laser, is attracted by the melanin, also called the dark pigment, in the hair follicle. Therefore the dark hair is treated more successfully. The treatments, performed on red, blonde and grey hair, are usually less successful.