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One of the most important topics, when it comes to laser hair removal, is the possible reaction of the skin to the procedures. Various opinions can be found in “Laser Hair Removal Plovdiv Forum”.
After laser hair removal the hair curls spirally at the hair follicle. It looks like little black dots in the skin. It is a normal reaction. We recommended that you use skin calming creams after the treatments, for example products containing aloe vera extract. Our team can recommend you the best products for your skin type.
During the summer, after laser hair removal treatment, you need to use high SPF sunscreen in order to protect the skin.
You can take a shower with lukewarm water 2-3 hours after the procedure. You shouldn`t exfoliate your skin or perform any other exhausting procedures on it.
Redness may occur. This is a completely normal reaction, that may last a couple of days, depending on the skin type and the treated area.
10-14 days after the procedure the hair on the treated area falls.
They won`t grow again for a period of 2-3 weeks for the body parts and of 2 weeks for the face.
After a long period of calmness, the hair starts to grow very fast. This is the best time for the next laser hair removal procedure.
This is the time when the laser hair removal treatment is most effective.