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Commonly Asked Questions

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If you are about to choose the most effective modern method for permanent hair removal – laser hair removal, but you have more questions in your head, than hair on it, spend a little bit of time to read the answers of the commonly asked question to the medical professionals, who work in our center.

  1. What I need to know about the unwanted hair, before I get rid of it forever?

The hair is a “priceless” heritage, we have from our ancestors – the primates, from the time before we evolved to Homo erectus (meaning “upright man”), around two and a half million years ago. When our bodies began to hold upright position, the temperature controlling function of the body hair became unnecessary, because the bodies were less exposed to sunlight. We can say that from that moment on, these outgrowths became from a “gift” to a “curse”, which even now remains an unavoidable part of our everyday life. We spent so much effort to take care for the hair on our head, in order for it to be nourished, voluminous and healthy, but when it comes to our body hair, every little bit of it is a huge problem, because it makes us unattractive, or at least this is what is believed in our modern society. We can be positive that body hair today is accepted as unattractive and unsanitary, and it would be great, if there was a universal formula, which prevented us from this annoying task of vanity. We said that it would be great, but actually this is not the entire truth, because there is such a possibility and now it is more effective, harmless and available for everybody, than ever. It is called laser hair removal.

The truth is that when we are born, the hair follicles are evenly distributed on our skin, but the hormonal changes, which depend on our sex, age, genetics and, to a smaller extent, on our lifestyle, lead to changes in the distribution of our body hair. When entering puberty, the trouble zones are easily defined (the lower part of the face, the chest and the back for men, the intimate area for both sexes, as well as the underarms, arms and legs), which remain trouble zones until the aging process affects our body and we reach the age when nothing is as it used to be, including our hair. Of course nobody wants to wait until he or she gets old in order to enjoy smooth skin.

Therefore, not only our body hair is unevenly distributed on the different parts of our body, because of our hormonal background, but the “lifestyle” of our hair is not the same as well on the different body parts, such as the face and the legs. Actually each hair goes through a cycle, which consists of alternating   phases of growth and rest, cell`s death and replacement. For example in some types of rodents all parts of the body go through these phases at the same time, but when it comes to humans, such sync is missing and you should know that the number and the time of the laser hair removal treatments will depend on the body part, which is going to be treated in the first place.

  • The permanent laser hair removal of the face requires 30-day period between each procedure.
  • The laser sessions on the body, should be performed with a pause of two or three months, because the hair cycle there is quite longer.


  1. In which cases laser hair removal is recommended?

Compared with the other popular hair removal methods such as shaving, tweezing, different types of waxing or hair removal strips, photoepilation, electrolysis; laser hair removal is a flawless method – it doesn`t hold a risk of inflammation or permanent harm of the skin, it is less painful than the other methods, the results are long-lasting, in most cases it is permanent.

In some cases the hormonal imbalance may lead to pathological hair growth (hypertrichosis) on visible body parts, which without a doubt affects our confidence and lifestyle. In such cases the laser hair removal is definitely a must.

Added benefit to the laser hair removal is that nowadays it is not an expensive service and practically, because of its long-lasting effect, it saves us money, which we would have given for other weekly treatments.

Laser hair removal is performed on the:

  • genital areas (bikini area, triangle);
  • underarms;
  • different parts of the arms and legs;
  • front and rear area of the male torso (chest and back);
  • face and neck area;

Because of its enviable effectiveness, laser hair removal is getting more and more popular as a preferred method for permanent hair removal and, bravely and with enough proofs, it can be defined as the intelligent choice of the modern person.


  1. What is the mechanism of laser hair removal?

The wavelength of the laser is absorbed almost entirely from the hair melanin and the thermal energy, which is exuded, destroys the follicle. The hair color depends on the quantity of melanin, the same is true about the skin color. Therefore the logical conclusion is that, in order the laser hair removal procedure to be 100 percent successful, the hair color should be darker than the skin color. The procedure is less effective for people, who have low or no quantity of melanin (blonde or grey) and the best results are achieved with black, brown, dark blonde and red hair color. If the skin is tanned, it may burn during the treatment.


  1. How the laser hair removal treatments are performed?

Before a laser hair removal treatment is planned, an overall medical examination of the skin is done, in order any complications to be avoided. In case this is not your first treatment, it is very important to tell the medical professional, if have noticed any side effects during the previous procedure.

The equipment is adjusted to your skin type.

During the whole treatment, the body is in horizontal position and the eyes are protected with special glasses.

What makes our clients feel safe, is the fact that the laser hair removal treatments are under the constant surveillance of our professionals, who controls the laser ray, its power and speed, so they are adjusted to the skin reaction and spare the skin, where it is the most sensitive. This is how we guarantee that the process is controllable and the set parameters can be adjusted in motion.

For a short period of time (for a few hours) after the treatment, redness occurs on the treated area, but it gradually calms and no signs of the procedure are left on your skin. Only the hair remains. You have to know that, the hair will be in the follicle for about ten days (the period varies for different people) and after that it will fall on its own.

The skin on your face will remain completely smooth for at least four weeks, and this on your body – for at least double the time for the face, and when the hair “returns”, it won`t be as much, as it used to be – after laser hair removal treatment only up to 80 percent of the hair grows back, but it falls prey to the next procedure until there is no hair on your inhospitable body, which respects its flawless beauty.

If the medical professional decides it is necessary, on your skin (or on certain parts of it) a skin protecting lotion might be applied before and after the treatment, which is wiped off right before treatment. If there is a need you will be recommended a skin care product, especially chosen for your skin type, which you have to use on the treated area for a couple of days after the laser procedure.


  1. How the procedures are performed at ARMADA LASER CENTER?

Highest level of qualification and absolute professionalism are what you will immediately notice, when you visit ARMADA LASER CENTER in Plovdiv. You will be consulted in a convenient time, so you have the information, required for you to be fully sure that what you have decided to do is the right thing. The medical equipment complies with the latest standards. Our team is qualified to work with Quanta System. The compliance with all hygiene requirements is guaranteed. We perform the laser hair removal treatments with efficiency and proven security.


  1. How can I be sure that ARMADA LASER CENTER is the best?

Our laser center is proud to be internationally acknowledged – we are certified with ISO 9001:2008. Our experience and our many satisfied clients are what define us. In order to personally experience the high quality of our services, please come to our laser center!


  1. Who will conduct the laser hair removal procedures at ARMADA LASER CENTER?

There shouldn`t be any doubt that you are in the best hands, if you choose ARMADA LASER CENTER for getting rid of your unwanted hair, because our medical professionals are skilled and well trained. They will attentively respond to all your questions and needs and their professionalism will help you make the best choice.


  1. Do I need to prepare for laser hair removal?

Yes, you do. This is an intervention in the natural processes, which occur in your body, so you need to know these important rules before the treatments:

  • if you are on any medications, you must inform us;
  • you must not suntan or use tanning beds at least 14 days before the session, because tanned skin is predisposed to blisters; the usage of sun protecting body lotions is not recommended as well;
  • you must not wax the treated area at least two weeks before the laser treatment, because hair must be grown;
  • you must not as well bleach the hair on the treated area at least two weeks before the treatment, because the hair must have its natural color; the darker the hair color, the better the results from the procedures;
  • you must not shave the treated area at least 3-4 days before the treatment;
  • you must not have makeup on your face and neck, during the procedure;
  • you must wear an underwear in a light color.


  1. How long does the laser hair removal treatment last?

It depends on the size of the treated area. From a few minutes to a few hours – you will know exactly when you visit ARMADA LASER CENTER.

  1. Is laser hair removal painful?

The treated area is periodically cooled with cold air, which neutralizes the pain and the treatment usually goes imperceptibly. A numbing cream may be applied, if the medical professional decides it is necessary.

  1. Are there any side effects?

The possible side effects do not always occur and, if they do, they are usually harmless and last for a short period of time; examples are:

  • the treated area might be quite sensitive to touch for a few days after the treatment, which causes a discomfort, during taking a shower, etc., but if you are careful it will pass very fast;
  • after the procedure, during the rest of the day you might feel a burning sensation, which is nothing to worry about as well;
  • It is unusual if bruises and scars occur; in this case you should treat them with medications, prescribed by a medical professional;
  • blister may occur on the skin surface, which is as harmless as a mild sunburn and is the treated in the same way;
  • It is possible that dark spots appear on the skin – this pigmentation will disappear for a very short period of time, unless you do not follow the advices of the medical professionals.


  1. How fast the change actually happens?

The visible results, don`t happen immediately; it depends on the normal cycle of the hair growth, but after a maximum of fourteen days, the hair will fall on its own and the treated area will be perfectly smooth for at least a month – for the face area, and for at least two months – for the body areas. When the hair growth begins again, the hair will be less, but the growth will be more intense and stable, which makes the hair perfectly suitable for the next laser hair removal treatment (which should be performed at this moment).


  1. How do I know that I have achieved the desirable results from the procedure?

The reduction of the unwanted hair will be obvious – after each treatment your skin will be noticeably smoother, the hair will grow slower and slower and it will be very thin, soft and visibly lighter.


  1. How many treatments do I need?

Usually it takes from three to six-seven procedures for the desirable results to be achieved, but it is different for every person. Additional treatments may be needed, if your case is complicated, for example if you have white hair or hormonal imbalance. You should be realistic and understand that everyone is unique and shouldn`t compare himself/herself with anybody else.


  1. Is laser hair removal expensive?

The results from the laser hair removal are long-lasting, this is why it is worth it to pay a little bit more for it. You should take a look at our “Price” section, in order to see the full price list for the different body areas.


  1. Can I benefit from any discounts?

Yes, you can. Often visit our website, where you can find information about our special offers and discounts.


  1. Are there any body areas, which are harder to be treated?

Yes, there are. For example if you want to get rid of the hair on your face, then around ten procedures are required for best results. The same case is with the body areas, where the hair is thinner, such as the hips, the upper part of the arms for the women, etc. For the areas, which are easily treated (the calves, triangle, underarms, etc.), 5 treatments are required, with a time interval between them from 60-70 days. However everything depends on your individual characteristics, which the medical professionals from ARMADA LASER CENTER will take into account, when they examine your case. The easiest and, at the same time, the best choice is to trust them.