Special offers


  • Face = 55lv.
  • Hips = 180lv.
  • Calves = 100lv.
  • Bikini + Underarms = 85lv.
  • Legs = 250 ЛВ.


  • Belly = 90 lv.
  • Chest = 100 lv.
  • Groin = 70 lv.
  • Back and shoulders = 250 lv.
  • Butt = 70lv.


Every new client gets 20 percent off the price of the first treatment.

епилация лазерна

* this offer can`t be used with other special offers and discounts, only with the regular price of the service

*the monthly special offers can be used together

*the special offers can be changed at any time without a notice


You can also benefit from an individual package of services for the body areas you wish to treat. In this case the discount can reach 50 %.

You get  20 percent off the price of your next treatment, if you bring a friend.

Requirements for this offer:

  1. When your friend comes, he/she must inform us that you have recommended us.
  2. If the body area/s you would like to treat is/are included in our monthly special offers, you can choose between free treatment of your underarms and of your upper lip.